High performance shoes with high arch support and narrower fitting

Perfectly balanced new stiletto heel available in 2½" and 3" heel heights


This style is made on our Stiletto Heel Last which is part of our high performance range. The styles made on these 'lasts' are all a slimmer fit and higher arch, to our Flare, Contour and Slim heel styles.


The high arch design should appeal to dancers with a high instep. This design matches the dancer’s arch that is more raised than the average normal foot. The high arch support is designed to relieve excessive pressure and foot strain by distributing body weight across the feet and by cushioning the impact of walking.

Length of the sole has been adjusted to end with the tip of the toes, preferred by competitive dancers

Swarovski diamante square hook buckle featuring gold Supadance logo

New thicker flexible insole for greater comfort

Classically designed plaited front

Two way fastening strap


Please Note: If you wish to enquire about the other available heels (2.5" Contour, 3" Contour, 2.5" Slim, 3" Slim), please contact us directly.



Fittings : Wide, Extra Wide, Narrow, Extra Narrow
Colours : Black Satin/Silver Shimmer, Dark Tan Satin/Gold Shimmer
Heels : 2.5" Flare, 3" Flare

Made to order options take approximately 6-8 weeks to manufacture and are not returnable.

If you are ordering a made to order item and you have not tried that style on before, we recommend (if possible) to order the in stock version first to try for size and fit.

A small surcharge may apply to some made to order products. If applicable this is included in the price that is displayed once you have selected a made to order item