4079 Ollie Shirt

4079 Ollie Shirt


Available in standard sizings or as premium made to order - contact us directly.

Offering a very simple yet fashionable style, replicating the shape of a well-fitting polo T-shirt, which is a popular fashion look off the dance floor at the moment, as well as on it.
With a leotard base, the slim-fitting body of the shirt has a satin collar and pocket design, as well as a full satin yoke on the back. As you can see the shirt can be ordered in black crepe or double mesh. The look of the double mesh body against the single mesh sleeve creates a striking contrast. 

Note: Before committing to your purchase please be aware that most shoe and clothing items require 10-14 days delivery time due to coledancecreate being unable to hold stock. See terms and conditions for more details..