4095 Pinstripe Practice Shirt

4095 Pinstripe Practice Shirt


4095 - DSI Stretch Practice Ballroom Shirt in Pinstripe


    In no other product range is the influence of evolving fabrics so evident as in the mens formal wear section. Until a decade ago, the normal dress shirt with the Marcella starked front was the norm. Now we have stretch shirts - giving comfort, security and a sleeker fit.

    These shirts all come with button holes and as such require dress studs -for which we stock a wide variety of options. 

    Built-in boxer shorts ensure a secure fit for a flawless top line. The front is still made of Swiss quality highest quality Marcella for a slick and lasting impression.

    Available in White, Black & White and Pinstripe.

    XS and XL sizes 'Order upon request' only - please contact us for details.

Note: Before committing to your purchase please be aware that most shoe and clothing items require 10-14 days delivery time due to coledancecreate being unable to hold stock. See terms and conditions for more details..