DSI Balliazzo range designed by Ray Rose

The Apollo Mens Black Latin shoes are the ultimate fusion of sleek style, support and comfort

  • High quality soft leather
  • Split sole
  • Available in UK sizes 5 - 11
  • Made in UK

The high quality soft and pliable leather upper of the dancing shoes are combined with a padded lining to provide support, flexibility and comfort. The toe shape allows all the toes to be flat on the floor giving the dancer a natural stability of the body and freedom of movement for the foot in all dance moves. The signature Balliazzo sculpted Latin heel and split sole accentuates the look of a pointed foot revealing the grace of each movement. 

All of the Balliazzo dance shoes are lightweight and have been designed to be “dance floor ready”. They do not need to be broken in and will feel like natural extensions of the foot.


Note: Before committing to your purchase please be aware that most shoe and clothing items require 10-14 days delivery time due to coledancecreate being unable to hold stock. See terms and conditions for more details..