Sew-On Stones - Square

Sew-On Stones - Square


    As the authorised and recommended distributor for Preciosa in our Ballroom Dance world, DSI are committed to offer the full range of flat back sew on Jewellery stones to you. All sizes of the triangle, square, pear, eye and oval shapes are available in Crystal AB, Crystal and Jet from stock. 

    This vast assortment of Sew-On Stones constitutes another special category in the Preciosa collection. Sewing is the recommended technique for attaching larger stones. preciosa sew-on jewellery crystals can be attached to all sorts of materials by using nylon or polyester threads guaranteeing an unsurpassed holding force.


Note: Before committing to your purchase please be aware that most shoe and clothing items require 10-14 days delivery time due to coledancecreate being unable to hold stock. See terms and conditions for more details..