DSI Heel Protectors

DSI Heel Protectors


DSI Heel Protectors - varied sizes-styles $25 per packet of 4pr (5pr for slim and Balliamo)



    Heel protectors protect the dancing floor from potential damage, preserve the life span of your heel tips and can provide a slight cushioning for every step you take. 

    DSI Ballroom slim heel protectors - with or without chrome tip - and Balliazzo slim heel protectors come units of 5 pairs, DSI Ballroom & Latin flare heel protectors come in units of 4 pairs.

    Please ensure to order the correct heel protectors for the required shoe, as the flared heels of our DSI Ballroom and Latin shoes are different. 

Note: Before committing to your purchase please be aware that most shoe and clothing items require 10-14 days delivery time due to coledancecreate being unable to hold stock. See terms and conditions for more details..