Juvenile Bow Ties

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Juvenile velcro bow ties. One size fits all.

While all formal dancewear accessories for men are equally suitable for boys and Junior dancers, there are some size and proportion related differences for the bow ties and the ties. As a normal bow tie would be simply too big in proportion to the smaller neck, DSI now produce the smaller 4995 Juvenile Bow Tie and also the 4990 Juvenile black self tie, made in Italy of 100% silk and the 4991. All these Juvenile bow ties and ties are ideally suited to wear with our boys competition shirts. Boys grow into men and even for this transitional stage we have the size proportionate solution for you: now used also by top Amateurs and Professionals favouring the fashionable tight streamline look and adult dancers of smaller sizes, the 4212 Mini and 4211 Midi clip bow tie were originally designed and envisaged with the Junior boy dancer in mind.

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